A Court of thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas


So it’s been quite a while since I wrote on my blog! A week! I’m sorry I didn’t writer anything but I just wasn’t motivated to write this week for some reason. But I read a lot of fantastic books and now I am motivated to tell/review them for you!

So A court of thorns and roses is a retelling of beauty and the beast! Feyre is a human and she accidentally hunts a fae. Faes and humans have some bad blood. Because she killed the fae, she has to pay the price so she is brought to the land of the fae and she is forced to live with Tamlin, a friend of the fae she has killed…

There is action, forbidden love and suspense. Everything you can ask for in a novel.

(Spoiler free)

So if you didn’t know, I loved the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas so of course I had high expectations for this book…and this book didn’t dissapoint! This book intrigued me from the very first page and I dived right in to this one without realizing it! And THE FREAKING PLOT TWIST AT THE END! I WAS LIKE “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!” I swear I almsot had a heart attack! It was so unexpected and amazing and ahhhhhh!!!

The writing was beautiful and the character development in this book was amazing! There was less action in this book than throne of Glass but it didn’t bother me AT ALL! The romance was so beautiful and STEAMY! I think this is a strong first book and I cannot wait for the second book!

(This is a new adult novel so consider yourself warned 🙂 )


The Girl at midnight Book review


The girl at midnight is about two races at war. (The two races are not human. Among one of the two races, The Ala, a human, Echo is chosen to find the firbird that can end the war once and for all… for the firbird can grant any wish… but she might have to travel with her worst enemy.

There is action and a forbidden yet unforgettable romance that you won’t want to miss!

I really enjoyed this book. I would rate it a 93% just because I was really confused at the beginning of the book. i was like, “Who the hell is the Ala? Why do they have feathers?”

I was confused at the bginning and it wasn’t the best at first, but once I got halfway it really picked up and I really enjoyed myswlf while reading this book! It reminded me a little bit of the mortal instruments and Snow Like Ashes. It is is totally different storyline but it gave me the same “feels” I felt while read ing the mirtal instruments and snow like ashes (Which are amazing so you should definitely check it out!)

Overall I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for the second book to come out because i definitely need to more!

Book Release news!

I’ve decided to do this every month or so telling you guys some books that will be released that month! The books mentioned are YA and some of the books I mentioned may have releases last week or so. (I am just telling you guys the books that I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO this month. there will probably be a bunch of books I didn’t mention.)

1. The Girl at Midnight by melissa grey!


I am currently reading this book and It’s really good so far! I’m only a few chapters in and I don’t want to stop! Book review is coming up soon so stay tuned!

2. Magonia by Maria dahvana headley


I have this book on my bookshelf and I am so pumped up to read this one! These two have already released!

3. A court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas


If you didn’t already know, I LOVED Sarah’s other series, The Throne of Glass series! It’s totally kickass with a lot of action and romance! She is one of my favorite authors and i have a feeling that this book will be just as epic!

4. The Heir by Kierra Cass


The heir is the spinoff series for the selection trilogy! The selection trilogy is a fun, short easy read that you will definitely enjoy! i read the whole entire trilogy in 3 days. (It totally got me out of my reading slump)

5. Charmed by Michelle krys


Charmed is the sequel to Charmed! I read Charmed last year and I loved it! it’s a really cool twist on witches and the romance is just amazing! The publishers sent me an ARC of this book already and I loved this one as well! I am definitely going to buy myself a hardcover copy though…for the cover. (Yes, I’m a cover buyer)

Well those are the books I am most pumped up to read this month! tell me what books you’re looking forward to!


Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay Book Review


Princess of Thorns is about a girl, Aurora, who is gifted by the fae which means she has the power of strength and bravery. The ogre queen wants her power so she is desperate to hunt Aurora down. instead, the queen has her brother captive and Aurora will do anything to save him…even if it means pretending to be a guy and blackmailing a prince…

Prince Niklaas needs to marry Aurora before his eighteenth birthday. He finds Aurora’s “brother” (who is actually Aurora) and is blackmailedto raise an army…

This book suprised me in so many ways and I LOVED it! it reminded me a little bit of the book Kiss of Deception. it is a completely different storyline, but the freaking plot twist and feel was similar. And if you didn’t know, I loved the kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.

It is written in three POV’s. It is mostly written in Aurora and Niklas’s POV but we get to see the POV for the Ogre queen every now and then. I went in to this book not expecting much but I got way more than my expectations and I was pleasantly suprised! The story was so gripping and the charcter development in this book was just amazing!

I have to say, I would rate this book a 96% instead of a 100% because I felt that the ending of this book was a little rushed. When I finsihed the book I was like “That’s it???” I felt that the book still had some loose ends that needed to be tied up. I think this is a stand alone but I hope it is a series because I can definitely read more about this world and these charcters.

This book really did it forme and I am definitely going to be trying out Stacey jay’s other books!

So that was my book review and I hope you enjoyed it!

Dream a little Dream by Kerstin Gier Spoiler free


Dream a little Dream is about a girl, Liv, who moves to a new town and moves in with her step brother grayson. She soons finds out that Grayson and his frieds are hiding a great secret and she is going to get much more than what she bargained for…

This bookwas a really fun read for me. I thought the story was very unique and unlike any toher book I have read before. But I gotta say that it wasn’t my favorite. I LOVED Ruby red by kerstin Gier but this book was just…eh. I’m not saying that it’s bad, I’m just saying that it ddn’t meet up my expectations.

The romance was good. I liked it. The romance wasn’t fast or slow and was rightly paced. Kerstin Gier really knows how to make up some snarky comments here and there and I found that very enjoyable saying that this wasn’t the brightest book. I did feel the ending was a bit rushed. i didn’t quite get how it ended and I had to read it a few times to really understand it.

This is book 1 one of the Silver Trilogy and I am definitely waiting for the next book because the cliffhanger is annoying me!!!

That was my review on Dream a little Dream. Tell me if you have red the book and if yopu think the same thing or if you think different!

(*I also wanted to tell you guys not for not posting for a week! i was really busy and it seems like I’ll be more busy this week as well but i will definitely try to squeeze in time to write!*)



Movie news

This is a post to tell you guys Book to movie adaptations you can expect on the big and small screen.

First off, The Mortal Instruments! In 2013, the movie flopped big time, but it is coming back as a TV show in January 2016 on ABC! Dom Sherwood will be playing th new Jace!

Ugly Love by Coleen Hoover has started filming in Seattle! So far the only casting we know is Nate bateman who will be playingMiles Archer! So far that is the only casting that has been introduced but I thik we can xpect a casting for Tate very soon! You can check out my Ugly Love book review if you want to know what Ugly Love is all aout!]

The selection by Kierra cass has been optioned for film by Warner Bros! So far that has been the only news we got but I think more news about the movie will come soon!

Fallen by Lucy kate is turnng in to a movie! s you guys all probably know. I do have a book review for it. I honestly don’t think ths book should be a movie. I didn’t like the book and I think there are plenty of books out there that can be a fantastic movie… but the director wantsto turn it in to a film so lets just wait and see how it turns out!

Legen by marie lu a movie? There has been a lot of buss about it. Same goes for Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Both of them has been optioned for film but we haven’t heard specific news about it yet.

Fifty shades of grey has been a top hit in Febuary! It will continue filming in 2016 and the second movie will come out in 2017! The third movie will come out in 218! I know it seems far away but time passes quickly so cross your fingers!

So that was Movie news! I hope that answered some of your questions about upcoming book to movie adaptations!

Until the next post Bookaholics!


Since You’ve been Gone/explanation


Before I start off with the review, I just wanted to tell you guys i’m sorry for not posting frequently lately! I have been very busy with school and to be honest I was kind of in a reading slump. I’ll try to post more frquently this week so stay tuned!

Since you’ve been gone is about a girl, Emily, who finds out that her best riend, Sloane, is missing. All sloane leaves her is a list of things to do over the summer. Things Emily would never dare to do…

(Spoiler free)

I really enjoyed this book! I thoughthe story was very relable to and fun. I could really relate to Sloane in this boo because she moves around a LOT! I move around at least once every two years so I could really relate to her in many ways.

The list Sloane left her was silly yet daring. they were things I e\would never do myself. such as Skinny dipping or stealing something. To be honest, this book didn’t make me laugh and happy inside, but it was heart warming in its wierd way and that’s what I really like about this book!

The romance was cute and it really put some ligtness in to this whole story. thi story is’t dark or anything but I thought it was a little dark if you think about it. The romance wasn’t fast and I thought it was nicely paced.

I rate this book a 96%. I really enjoyed this book an I will definitely be reading other Morgan Matson’s books when they come out!


The Wicked Will Rise by danielle Paige Book review


First off, I wanted to apologize or not being so active on my blog. I have ben really busy with school and I was sick but I’m much better so you can expect ore posts everyday! Also, I wanted to thank you guys all because a few days back when I posted my How to get ARCs post, I got 93 viewers! On ONE day! Thank you guys so much!

Now lets get on with the review.

This is the sequel to Dorothy must die and it is about a world where dorothy is EVIL. It is Amy Gum’s, the other girl from kansas, job to kill dorothy.

This book was shorter than Doroty must die and to be honest I was let down a little bit by this book. I loved the first book but I didn’t love this on. I don’t know if this is a trilogy/series or whatever, but there better be morebooks because there were loose ends that needed to be tied up!

I did really enjoy this book thouugh! It was fun and we got to see a lot more action than the ft book! We got to meet new charcters and I got to say I was shocked throughout the story. There were some parts when I just closed the book and screamed OMFG SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

I loved it when my ship got together and “Worked” things out. I was so happy!

Overl I really enjoyed this boo and I rate it a 93%

Until the next post Bookaholix!



Ruby Red QMR


Ruby red by Kerstin Gier is a novel that was originally written in German and was translated in to english. It is about a girl, Gwen, who finds out that she is the Ruby which meansshe can time travel in the past.

There is time travel, romance and I really enjoyed this book! It was so fast paced a I read t in two hours! I didn’t really like Gideon, the main male character. he was so moody and he was such a know it all. Unfortunately he did not make it to my favorite charcter of all time. However, gwen did! She is such a strong heroine and the humor in this book really made my day.

I rte this book a 95%. A very fun and enjoyable read. Highly recommended after a book hangover.

An Ember in the Ashes Spoiler Free Book Review


First off, Thank you RazorBill Publsihing for sending me an ARC of An Ember in the Ashes!

An Ember in the Ashes is about a girl, Laia, who joins the resistance to findher brother Darin who is taken away from her. Elias is the finest soilder. By coincidence ther paths meet. They are both not free…

I promise you guys, the book is way better than that summary! This book is action packed and i full with adventure. The romance is not the main premise of this novel so it was bit slow and to be honest I don’t really know where “they” stand in romance as of now.

For a stand alone fantasy novel, the world was very complicate but easy to understand. To be 100% honest, I was’t that intrigued at the beginning n the book but once I was about 80-100 pags in, I dived right in to the story. The writing was beautiful and the relationship between the characters wasn’t rushed at all. Same can be said for the romance.

I really wish this wasn’t a stand alone because I really want to know more about this world that Sabaa Tahir set up in this book! The world is so complex and it can definitely hold more books.

I rate this book a 90%. I really enjoyed it and this book is coming out on April 28th!