The Lunar Chronicles


The Lunar Chronicls is a Sci-fi fairytale retelling. It takes place in beijing and Cinder is based off of Cinderela, Scarlet is based off of Red Riding Hood and Cress is based on Rapunzel. These three books somehow weave in together and it runs on the same storyline. This series is very different from anything I’ve read before. First of all, the main character is a Cyborg. How cool is that? It has roance, action and adventure. The storyline is so gripping and fast paced I couldn’t put it down. I loved Cinder and Kai and I just loved everything about this book!

In Scarlet, there is definitely more action than Cinder.It introduced new characters such as Scarletand Wolf. I absolutely loved Wolf. Not so much when ‘that’ happened but I all in all I loved him in the end. I also loved Thrne who was introduced at theback of the book. His humor really put a light tone in the serious situation they were put in and I as glad his sense of humor was there to kind of lighten it up.

Cress was also also fantastic! I also loved Cress and I shipped Cress nd Thorne so hard! There relation ship isn’t totall clear at the end of this book but I can feel the chemistry and I feel that something is gog to happen between them in Winter, the last book of this series which is comming out later this year.

he technology that is developed in this whole world really fascinatd me. It just reminded me how big this whole universe was and thinking about space and the technology they have, it was overwhelming yet fascinating to think about.

Marisa Meyer sure knows how to write a good story because I loved every single part of this book! Not once did I felt it was slow paced or boing. This is one of my favoeite series that I have read so far and I cannot wait until the last installment Winter comes out later this year. I cannot wait to see where these charcters will take us.

So that was my series review for the Lunar Chronicles! I rhigly recommend this trilogy even if you don’t like sci-fi o retellings. You will love it either way!


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