The Doon Series Review Spoiler free review


Doon is basically about two best friends who find a magical kingdom during their trip when they cross the Brig’ O Doon.

Again I fail miserably at the summaries but anyway, go read this book! I love this series! I believe it’s a trilogy and the last book is coming out later this year and I’m so excited!

This book was so interesting and unique and I found myself wanting more when I finished the first book, Doon. The plot line is so gripping and unlike so many other books I had read before. This book runs along two point of views. Veronica’s and Mckenna’s, the two best friends. I have never read a book where Two friend each have their own point of view written out and at first I was a little worried, but I was pleasantly suprised. That was just one of the contributing factor to why this book/series is so wonderful! The writing was done beautifully and I had no problems with this book!

Sometimes when two authors write a book together, the characters get jumbled up but authors Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon did it beautifully and I found it enjoyable to read.

In the first book, I thought that we got a bit more of Veronica than Mckenna. They were both the main characters, but I felt that the story just evolved around Veronica more. In the second book, the authors focus on Mckenna more.

There are also too very HOT scottish princes waiting for you in this book! Get ready to swoon! (Jamie…Duncan…)

I loved the second book as well! The story was just as fantastic as the first one and there was definitely more action! I loved the realtionship between Veronica and Mckenna. It’s always good to see two best friends he,ping and relying on each other. I loved the romance that took place in the course of these two novels and I was waiting for the happy ending… CLIFFHANGER!!!

So, Yeah. That happened. Thank you Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon for putting me in the stage of depression.

I highly recommend this series guys! Go check it out! It’s wherever books are sold! I am currently reading The Jewel by Amy Ewing!


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