Movie news

This is a post to tell you guys Book to movie adaptations you can expect on the big and small screen.

First off, The Mortal Instruments! In 2013, the movie flopped big time, but it is coming back as a TV show in January 2016 on ABC! Dom Sherwood will be playing th new Jace!

Ugly Love by Coleen Hoover has started filming in Seattle! So far the only casting we know is Nate bateman who will be playingMiles Archer! So far that is the only casting that has been introduced but I thik we can xpect a casting for Tate very soon! You can check out my Ugly Love book review if you want to know what Ugly Love is all aout!]

The selection by Kierra cass has been optioned for film by Warner Bros! So far that has been the only news we got but I think more news about the movie will come soon!

Fallen by Lucy kate is turnng in to a movie! s you guys all probably know. I do have a book review for it. I honestly don’t think ths book should be a movie. I didn’t like the book and I think there are plenty of books out there that can be a fantastic movie… but the director wantsto turn it in to a film so lets just wait and see how it turns out!

Legen by marie lu a movie? There has been a lot of buss about it. Same goes for Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. Both of them has been optioned for film but we haven’t heard specific news about it yet.

Fifty shades of grey has been a top hit in Febuary! It will continue filming in 2016 and the second movie will come out in 2017! The third movie will come out in 218! I know it seems far away but time passes quickly so cross your fingers!

So that was Movie news! I hope that answered some of your questions about upcoming book to movie adaptations!

Until the next post Bookaholics!



Angelfall by Susan Ee


Hi guys! Today I decided to do a book review on the book Angelfall by Susan Ee! This is a spoiler free review so you do’t have to worry about being spoiled. So in this book, Angels are invading earth and they are trying to bring down human extinction. But when an angel, Raffe,  loses his wings, he teams up with a human girl, Penryn, who lost her sister to the angels. They team up together to get what they both want: penryn wants her sister back, raffe wants his wings. But what once was a simple tak dwells in to something much more.

This book has angels, action, romance and there is no reason you shouldn’t want to read it. This is Book 1 of the Penryn&the end of days trilogy.

This book intrigued me from the start. The story was so fast paced it was hard not to fall in love with it.The characters were so witty, funny, sarcastic it was hard not to like them. The female protagonist was such a strong character, and the male lead might seam a little rude sometimes but you see why he was like that in the end.

I thnk this is a strong beginningo a new series and I’m so curious how this series will end. i am currently reading World After the second book of the series so a book review about that will be coming up soon!