Since You’ve been Gone/explanation


Before I start off with the review, I just wanted to tell you guys i’m sorry for not posting frequently lately! I have been very busy with school and to be honest I was kind of in a reading slump. I’ll try to post more frquently this week so stay tuned!

Since you’ve been gone is about a girl, Emily, who finds out that her best riend, Sloane, is missing. All sloane leaves her is a list of things to do over the summer. Things Emily would never dare to do…

(Spoiler free)

I really enjoyed this book! I thoughthe story was very relable to and fun. I could really relate to Sloane in this boo because she moves around a LOT! I move around at least once every two years so I could really relate to her in many ways.

The list Sloane left her was silly yet daring. they were things I e\would never do myself. such as Skinny dipping or stealing something. To be honest, this book didn’t make me laugh and happy inside, but it was heart warming in its wierd way and that’s what I really like about this book!

The romance was cute and it really put some ligtness in to this whole story. thi story is’t dark or anything but I thought it was a little dark if you think about it. The romance wasn’t fast and I thought it was nicely paced.

I rate this book a 96%. I really enjoyed this book an I will definitely be reading other Morgan Matson’s books when they come out!



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