Princess of Thorns by Stacey Jay Book Review


Princess of Thorns is about a girl, Aurora, who is gifted by the fae which means she has the power of strength and bravery. The ogre queen wants her power so she is desperate to hunt Aurora down. instead, the queen has her brother captive and Aurora will do anything to save him…even if it means pretending to be a guy and blackmailing a prince…

Prince Niklaas needs to marry Aurora before his eighteenth birthday. He finds Aurora’s “brother” (who is actually Aurora) and is blackmailedto raise an army…

This book suprised me in so many ways and I LOVED it! it reminded me a little bit of the book Kiss of Deception. it is a completely different storyline, but the freaking plot twist and feel was similar. And if you didn’t know, I loved the kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson.

It is written in three POV’s. It is mostly written in Aurora and Niklas’s POV but we get to see the POV for the Ogre queen every now and then. I went in to this book not expecting much but I got way more than my expectations and I was pleasantly suprised! The story was so gripping and the charcter development in this book was just amazing!

I have to say, I would rate this book a 96% instead of a 100% because I felt that the ending of this book was a little rushed. When I finsihed the book I was like “That’s it???” I felt that the book still had some loose ends that needed to be tied up. I think this is a stand alone but I hope it is a series because I can definitely read more about this world and these charcters.

This book really did it forme and I am definitely going to be trying out Stacey jay’s other books!

So that was my book review and I hope you enjoyed it!


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