The glass arrow by Kristen Simmons book review


The glass arrow is about a world where women are hunted. Scarce. And it’s about this girl trying to hide and survive.

I suck at summaries so that’s all I can tell you guys without spoiling you.

This book is very fast paced and action packed. I enjoyed myself very much while reading this book. I did feel that the world setting of this book was a little rushed at first. You didn’t really know what was going on. But later on in the book you can dive deeper in and it got much better.

I loved the female protagonist. I wished the male protagonist talked more, but he’s supposed to be mute so that makes sense. HAHAHA:)

I enjopyed this book very much and I highly recommend it to those who are looking for a light quick read because this book got me out of my reading slump!



YA Book news

I’ll be doing these posts about once  week and these posts will tell you all the exciting things that are happening in the YA book world. Let’s get started!


Have any of you read Hexed by Michelle Krys? It’s a witch novel about this girl, Indigo Blackwood who finds out she is a witch. Sooner or later she finds out that she has a book that s sacred. And everyone is hunting for it. There are numerous attacks tt approach Indigo and to stop them, she must learn to control her powers. use th. With the help of Bishop the swoon worthy boy who isn’t what he seems, she finds out that there is so much more than what she willed herself to believe…

This book is amzing guys and I know I suck at summaries but it’s awesome I can tell you that. But this post isn’t about me ranting on about how good it is! It’s about some book news that has to do with this series!

So Charmed, the second book in the series, is coming out May 26th, 2015. But before that, a novella is coming out set in the Hexed World called Blackwood! So, woo hoo!

Let’s talk Ugly Love by Collen Hoover. Ugly Love is a new adult novel that came out this yeare and ‘s about two people who learn how to love again. Thi s is a very touching novel and I changed as a person after I read this book! But guess what?

It’s turning in to a movie!

Not everything is official but NIck Bateman, was set to be played Miles Archer, the male protagonist in this book. Sadly that’s all we got about tis movie yet. But if more information comes out, you’ll be the first to know!


March is coming up and that means it’s time for Insurgent! The second book of the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth! We will be getting introduced to a fair amount of new people such as: Uriah, Tobias’s Mom, et.

I sure am ready for March 20th!

That will be all for this week of YA book news.I’ll see you guys nex week bringing in lots of more cool facts!


Atlantis Rising


So Atlantis Rising is basically about a girl, Alison, who has the power to control minds. So to keep this power in secret, she keeps her distance away from people. Until a boy, Ian, comes in to the classroom and talks to her. No matter how much she tres to avoid him, he keeps coming back. But why?

Soon Alison finds out that there are others like her. But among them all she is special. Unique. And that mkes her powerful… and dangerous.

Allison finds out that what she is dealing with is bigger than she could ever imagine…

This book was a short an easy read and I enjoyed myself reading this book. The book wasn’t fast paced but itwasn’t slow paced either. I personally enjoy fast paced books but it didn’t realy bother me once I got deeper in to the book.

The characters. I wasn’t very pleased with the charac ters. Escpecially Alison. I just found her annoying and confusing. It’s okay for the main character to be confused because that’s what they’re  going through but in this book the CHARACTERSTICS were jumbled up and I really didn’t like that. They have no typical personality and therefore it made it hard for me to relate to  them.

I really did like the whole concept of the book though. I thought the whole mind controlling thing was pretty cool and i thought that he author did a really good job of writing about it. I wished that the story was longer than it was because it really is hard to write a novel when there is only about 250 pages. But considering the length of the novel the author did a good job. It just seemed to me that everything was rushed.

I was happy that the ending wasn’t rushed like other parts of the story because that is what annoys me the most!

I got this book sent to me by Entangled Teen so thank you. All thoughts are mine.


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red queen is about a world where the people are divided in to two groups:The reds and the Silver. The reds are the “slaves” who serve the silvers, who are people with supernatural powers which makes them god like.

The main character Mare, is a Red. When her friend, Kilorn, is conscripted to join the army and die, she tries everything she can do to stop it. Thenfor some twisted reason, she gets sent to the Palce. And there she finds out she has a power of her own.

But her blood is red.

To hide this impossibility, the king disguises her as a long lost princess and makes her marry one of his sons.  But there mare finds out a secret to shocking to reveal, yet if she oes not it would destroy her, and everything she has ever believed in…

This story is Victoria Aveyard’s debut novel. Because it is a deut novel not everything can be perfect.  I felt that the characters were dry and we didn’t  get to know much about anything. it is agood book if you don’t uestion much out of it. trhe story wasnb’t slow paced but it wasn’t fast paced either. I was really curious about how suddenly maven became part of the Red rebellion group so quickly.

The love story was okay. The characters that I did like were not the Mare, Cal or Maven. It was the Queen.

The queen is definitely an evil character but the reason i like her so much is because her personality was clear and it was REFRESHING unlike all the other characters.

I have to say that I did enjoy myself reading this book, but it was duller than expected. I ratethis book 4 stars.

Angelfall by Susan Ee


Hi guys! Today I decided to do a book review on the book Angelfall by Susan Ee! This is a spoiler free review so you do’t have to worry about being spoiled. So in this book, Angels are invading earth and they are trying to bring down human extinction. But when an angel, Raffe,  loses his wings, he teams up with a human girl, Penryn, who lost her sister to the angels. They team up together to get what they both want: penryn wants her sister back, raffe wants his wings. But what once was a simple tak dwells in to something much more.

This book has angels, action, romance and there is no reason you shouldn’t want to read it. This is Book 1 of the Penryn&the end of days trilogy.

This book intrigued me from the start. The story was so fast paced it was hard not to fall in love with it.The characters were so witty, funny, sarcastic it was hard not to like them. The female protagonist was such a strong character, and the male lead might seam a little rude sometimes but you see why he was like that in the end.

I thnk this is a strong beginningo a new series and I’m so curious how this series will end. i am currently reading World After the second book of the series so a book review about that will be coming up soon!


Ex-Factor by Elisa dane


Ex- Factor is book 1 of the Diamond girls series and it’s about a girl,Nev, who moves to a new school. There she meets the dark and moody boy, Bodie scott. While his looks are a 5/5, his attitude towards her is not even a 1. And he doesn’t seem to care. But two people with hard pasts are bound to comfort each other And as they share their disturbing past, they find a connetion towards each other that they never felt before.

This book has romance, cheerlaeading and the story is heart warming yet heart breaking as well. You can get it on Kindle, Nook, ibooks or wherever ebooks are sold.

This book really took me a short ime reading . I read it in one sitting! The characters are very realistic nd that’s what i really like about that book. I didn’t relate to the character’s past, but I felt that the characters were going through something that we will all have to go through eventually. I love the fact that it wasn’t love at first sight for these two characters but it took time for them to evolve in to a relationship and Elisa Dane nailed it.

I also love that the events that happened in this book wasn’t sugarcoated at all. Some books tend toleave the etails out of a tragic/happy event and it really bugs the reader and it bugs ME but I didn’t feel that at all!

This book is amazing and you should definitely go read it. Escpecially you cheerleader out there. This book is definitely something you can relate to.

The secret Diamnon sisters by michelle madow review


This book is about three siters, Savannah, Courtney, and peyton who finds out that their dad is a billionaire in Las Vegas. So when their mother gets sick, they decide to move up to las vegas and live with him there for a while. but Las vegas is nothing like what the girls expected. they are thrown to a whole new level. It has a mix of mean girls and pretty little liars. There is romance, and gossip. Three sisters. one billionaire father. What could go wrong?

This book took gossip girl to a whole new level and I loved it! The story was so fun and exciting and it makes you want to turn the page. This book really shows how the girls are adjusting to this new life and the character development was really well done. I think there will be more character development throughout the whole series so i’m really excited about that! When I said that this book ahad a mix of mean girls, pretty little liars and gossip irl I wasn’t saying that the storyline was the same. they are absolutely different. The sort of setting and some characters had the feel that those other movies/books had and I found that very interesting.

This book was so good and ou sould definitely read it after a bad book hangover. (Cuz we all hate that:))


Spoiler free review of legend By marie lu


Legend is a YA dystopian novel that has action, romance and everything you ask for in a good book. A lot of people compare it to the hunger games, Divergent, etc. but really ts book stands on its own because it has a compltely different storyline from those books.

This book is about a boy, day, who is the most wanted criminal of the whole government/town. He, has failed his trial. A trial is a test you take when you are about 10-11. It determines how smart you are and what position you will take later on in life. Day failed his trial so he now lives on the streets as a criminal and beggar.

June Iparis is the daughter of a military soldier and she is the only person who scored 1500/1500 on her trial. So, she is kept by the governemnt, for her smart brain is needed. Ony day, her brother gets killed by a criminal and people suspects the criminal is Day. Thirsty for revenge on the person who killed her brother, June decides to go find Day and kill him herself. but what she didn’t see coming was that Day was so much more than what he seems, the governments are hiding from her, and everything she believed in might not be true.

This book has an awesome twist of dystopian, romance and it’s so action packed. it is in two points of views and i thik mari Lu did a fantastic job of weaving the characters characteristics and making them relatable. The love in this novel was not rushed yet too slow. It was written in just the right pace and it was done beautifully. This is one of the best dystopian novels I’ve ever read. this a must read.