The Shatter Me trilogy


The Shatter me trilogy is about a girl Juliette who has a touch that kills. She is dangerous so the government locked her away in prison forever. This series has love, action and rebellion all mixed into one and it is amazing! The first book had a lot of charcter and world build up. I made a mistake of not continuing the series after the first one and I regret it because Unravel me, the second book, is so good! It has more action and more charcters are intoduced and the romance is breathtaking!

There is a love triangle in this series but it’s not like twilight and all that jazz. It is beautifully written and just amazing. It is fairly different from any other love triangle story I have read before and the readers all rooted for different sides.he big question was who would Juliette choose: Adam or Warner. I’m Team Warner! If you read Ignite me, you would know that Adam was kind of a douchebag. Just saying. No offense to the Adam lovers though I doubt there are any left after Ignite me.

The love is a big part of this series but not the main and that’ what I really liked about this series. Tahereh Mafi didn’t make the love triangle the main premise and I thank her for that cuz’ that would kind of suck.

The third book, Ignite me, was my favorite out of the three books of this series! All the charcters matured and it was just amazing! I di feel that the ending was a bit rushed for this book but it didn’t bother me that much. The story was fast paced anI was very satisfied with the romance and who Juliette chose in the end! There was far less action in Ignite me than the rest of the books but nevertheless it was still amazing!

I highly recommend this series to everybody! Don’t stop at the first book! it gets better! TRUST ME!


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