Vamire Academy book/movie review


I’m first going to be doing a review on the first three books of the Vampire Academy series and then the next three. I’m also going to be doing a movie review and a review for Bloodlines, the spin off of Vampire Academy.

With that all being said, let’s get stared!

Vampire Academy is about a world of vampires (Obviously) The Moroi are the royal vampires. They’re royal and they’re protected by the Dhampirs, who are the guardians. The Dhampirs protect the Moroi at all times. To them, the moroi always comes first. And then there’s the Strigoi. The bad Vampires. They try to kill the Dhampirs and the Moroi.

The main character, Rose Hathaway is a Damphir and her job is to protect Lissa Dragomir, the princss and the future queen to be. Moroi have special powers, but Lissa’s is different. She can heal. Bring things back to life. So when Lissa saves Rose afer a car accident, they formed a bond. A bond that allows Rose to go inside Lissa’s head.

After a year of living in the human world, Rose and Lissa eventually get captred backed to t. Vladimirs. Vampire Academy. That’s when stuff really starts to go down…

Vampir Academy was a really fun quick read and I enjoyed it very much. I didn’t LOVE it though. I loved Rose’s sarcasm and humor and I thought the author did a very good job settig out this complicated world. I wasn’t confused at all.

I wached the Vampire Academy movie before the book. That was when I didn’t even know there was a book! I was quie satisfied with the casting, watching it again after reading he book, but there was one castingthat I wasn’t so satisfied with.

That would be Dimitri Belikov.

I loved him in the books, but I thought the actor who played Dimitri just didn’t FIT him. When I read books, I like to imagine my own version of the charcter, but now, whn I think of Dimitri, I just think of the person who played him in the movie and it just bugged me as I read the books. Unfortunately, I didn’t think of Dimitri as a hot swoony guy because of that.

Frostbite, the secondbook, was fun and amusing as well. But the third book Shadowkiss, is where stuff really goes down.

There’s was so much action in Shadowkiss and I LOVED IT! I read it one sitting when it was over 500 pages! There was so much action and new characters were intrduced and it was amazing! The storyline was so gripping and that plot twist at the end was just mind blowng!

I really liked the character Adrian Ivashkov. He was so funny, and I think I liked him more than Dimitri! The actor who played Dimitri in the movie kind f ruined Dimitri for me.

I am currently reading Blood promise, the fourth installment in the Vampire Academy series so stay tuned or a review on that soon!


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