The Sweet Evil Trilogy


I’m not going to say much about this trilogy becuse it’s hard o say much without spoiling you guys, but I can say that Iloved this series!

If you like the good girl meets bad boy kind of thing, you will definitely love this series as well!

Iyt’s basically about this girl who finds ut she is a Nephilim meaning that she is the daughter of one of thetwelve dukes, Belial. With the help of Hadsome Kaidan Rowe, she sets out on journey to find answers…Only she might find something she wasn’t betting for…

I know that doesn’t sound as good, but I promise you guys this series is amazing andit hold  special par of my heart.

(There will be spoilers beyond this point sodon’t read if you haven’t read the books yet)

I really enjoyed Sweet Evil. I loved ll the scenes where Kaidan and Anna were together.

I felt really bad and I was heart broken when Kai and Anna had their first kiss and he just left to “work” with some other girl. I know he is the son of Lust, but come on. I think I cried a bit.

That part when Kai and Anna almost had a sexual relationshi and Kai stopped, my heat shattered all over again. And whe he dropped her off at the airport, I was devastated. My official shipping was falling apart. I can understand that kai was doing it for the greater good but come on for gods’ sake. It was a bit dramatic on his part though. I get what he is trying to do, but dropping of a girl at theairport because they almost had a “relationship” was realy not cool.

But I still couldn’t stop sighing for Kaidan Rowe cuz’ he is a Hottie Mchotters.

I really liked how the two of them got together in Sweet Peril. I was really suprised with Kope inth second book. I knew his weakness was wrath, but wrath AND lust? That’s a dangerous combo. So when hesnogged Anna, I was like “Hold up bro. Calm Down.” Because he was very rough and it was suprising to me because Kope is known for his self control and he lost it.

I wasn’t sure if I should trust Zania when we were first introduced to her. She was a drunk pissed of woman with no opes for her future but seeing her change through the course of the novels realy made me proud and I liked her character very much in the end. There was so much character development in the duration of this series.

I loved How Ginger changed. She was still a little snob sometimes and annoying, but she changed her ways and finally accepted who she was and I was very happy for her.

Jay and Marna. I really didn’t see it coming in the third book. Like when did they get pregnant and stuff? Because when Nephilim get pregnant, they end up dying while giving birth and I was really sad for Marnbecause she was such a sweet funny character and she deserved her slice of happiness. But in the end she died, and that was that. I was happy that Jay didn’t give up and he still raised the child like he promised he would in the epilouge.

I was so happy when kaidan and Anna got married. And when he proposed…

This series was one hell of an emotional roller coaster for me and I can’t wait for sweet temptatio, which is a book of the sweet evil series told in Kaidan’s point of view!

I hope you guys enjoye the review!



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