The Wicked Will Rise by danielle Paige Book review


First off, I wanted to apologize or not being so active on my blog. I have ben really busy with school and I was sick but I’m much better so you can expect ore posts everyday! Also, I wanted to thank you guys all because a few days back when I posted my How to get ARCs post, I got 93 viewers! On ONE day! Thank you guys so much!

Now lets get on with the review.

This is the sequel to Dorothy must die and it is about a world where dorothy is EVIL. It is Amy Gum’s, the other girl from kansas, job to kill dorothy.

This book was shorter than Doroty must die and to be honest I was let down a little bit by this book. I loved the first book but I didn’t love this on. I don’t know if this is a trilogy/series or whatever, but there better be morebooks because there were loose ends that needed to be tied up!

I did really enjoy this book thouugh! It was fun and we got to see a lot more action than the ft book! We got to meet new charcters and I got to say I was shocked throughout the story. There were some parts when I just closed the book and screamed OMFG SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

I loved it when my ship got together and “Worked” things out. I was so happy!

Overl I really enjoyed this boo and I rate it a 93%

Until the next post Bookaholix!




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