How to get ARCs

So these days a lot of people have been asking me how to get ARCs. If you didn’t know, ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies and publishers send them out to bloggers to review before its release date.

So let’s start with the obvious: NetGalley. NetGalley is a site where you can request ARCs in ebook format. if you meet the publisher’s standards, then you will get the ARC and youwill be able to keep it forever! I have never really used NetGalley but I’ve heard amazing things about that site so you should definitely go check it out!

1. BLOG! You need a blog with a BIG attention/traffic span! Publishers often ask you for your site stats and they are not going to give you ARCs if you have like 4 subscribers.

2. REQUEST! Lot of people make the mistake contacting the publishing company’s customer service etc. Even if you do contact the publicity team, it’s more likey that they will not answer due to the amount of emails they get. So, contact the Author of the book you you want to recieve., Authors do not have any review copies to give out. But, they will probably give you the email of their publicist. Contacting their publicist will get you a reply faster.

3. HANG ON TO THAT PUBLISHER! By luck you have reached a publisher. You know their direct email now. Hang on to it! When you want a review copy of one of their books then request it to them! I get a lot of ARCs that way.

4. MAKE A REVIEW POLICY! A review Policy is like an insurance to the publishers. It’s bascially a promise you make to them in return for an ARC. But remember, you have to do everything you promised or else, they will not respond to anything you say. I MEAN IT! I’ve been there and done that a few months back. Not proud of it.

5. LASTLY, don’t hang over ARCs! I know that it might feel good when you get a book early and escpecially when it’s one of your most anticipated reads but it’s really not a big deal! There just ARCS and they are just Books! Also, do not go crazy and email every publisher out there! It’s wasting your time and it won’t get ou anywhere. Trust me, I’m talking from my own experience.

I hope this answered a lot of your questions and if you still have more, feel free to ask it on my instagram: bookfangirl46

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed this post!



What’s up with reading?

I told you guys a few weeks ago that I would be telling you guy what’s on my reading calendar every now and then. I got a lot of new books so stay tuned! Also I’m going t be telling you guys some exciting news so keep your eyes open!

What am I currently reading?

I’m currently reading an ARC of An ember in the ashes by Sabaa tahir! I was so happy when I got an ARC of this because I’ve only heard great things about it! Razorbill also gave me a sword bookmark and I love it! An ember in the Ashes is a fantasy debut novel and it’s already turning in to a film!

Author Interviews! You gys can expect an author interview with Wendy Higgins, Author of the Sweet Evil series which I adore, and Sharon Camreron the author of Rook! The interviews will b up soon on this very page so stay tuned for that!

I had a trip to Barnes and Noble a few days ago and I bought We should hag out sometime by Joh Sunquist and Princess of thorns by Stacey jay! I’m super pumped up to read both of those and you can expect a review on them soon!

I hit 1k followers on IG! If you guys didn’t know, I love instagram and I had instagram for about 20 weeks! Instagram: Bookfangirl46 On sunday I hit a 1,000 followers! Thank you guys! t wouldn’thave happened if it weren’t for you!

So that was my What’s up with Reading? post! All of them are pretty random but who cares? I like to tell you guys what I’m up to! I’ll see you guys aga on my next post! Bye!



Insurgent Movie Review


(This review will contain some spoilers)

So I watched Insurgent yesterday night and I have mixed feelings about it. I was definitely less excited for this than Divergent. I didn’t see it the day it came out. Part of me really wanted to love this movie, but I couldn’t. It was till a good movie though and I think you should definitely watch it!


It’s been two years since I read Insurgent and I have forgotten a lot of things about it but I’m pretty sure that the box wasn’t in the book! The box was cool all in all but it totally changed the charcters’ direction. Instead of discovering how to figh Jeanine, they’re more focused on opening that box! The plot line still stands, but I didn’t think the box was necessary.

Was it just me, or did Tobais’s mother look like she’sn her twenties? She looked younget han Tobias! It was hard to picture her as a mother because of that look.

So this is just my personal opinion, but I did not like Tris’s haircut! I remeber her cutting her hair but not THAT short.

There was definitely more action in Insurgent than Divergent and it was fun watching Tris all kick ass. I just loved that part when Tris is all bad asswith a gun and Caleb was in the background covering his ears. I cracked up bit.

I would have loved to see Tris get the peace serum in Candor when she gets in a fight with Peter. I thought it was so funny in the book and I was really dissapointed that they took it out of the film. There was no humor in this movie and I think the peace serum scne would have added a scent of humor in. The whole movie was too serious nd yes, the situation they were put in is very dangerous but the audience likes to crack up one or few times.

I loved the scene where Peter saves Tris in the Erudite compound. I was like “Yes! Finally something from the book!”

Overally I liked the movie but I didn’t love it like I loved Divergent. I am still going to be eagerly waiting for Allegiant: part 1. I’m not sure they can make it in to part 1 and part2 but they mae Mockingjay like that so why not Alleigant? The more the better!

So that was my Insurgent movie review! Tell me if you had the same thoughts and feelings about the film!


Author Interview with Anne Blankman!!!

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So I got lucky enought to interview onof my all time favorite authors, Anne Blankman, through email! She wrote Pisoner of Night and Fog and Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke which is coming out this April!

1. What inspired you t write Prisoner of Night and Fog?

A: I’ve been fascinated by WWII ever since I read Anne Frank’s diary when I was twelve. It wasn’t until a few years ago, though,when I cam across a nonfiction book about Adolf Hitler’s half-niece Geli Raubal that I knew I anted to write a story set durong this time period. Long after I’d finsihe the book, I couldn’t stop thinking about Geli. What had her life been like, livg with her uncle while his political star was on the rise? Would it have been possible to break free from him? I needed the freedom of a fictional main charcter, though, so Gretchen Muller was born.

2. At the back of the book there are the Author Notes (Your Notes) about Hitler and the war etc. Did you already know these facts or did you have to do some extra research for the book?

A: In college I wrote my thesis about Hitler, but to write this book I had to dig deeply into his early life and learn more about Munich. The research for PRISONER was intense. I read everything I could get my hands on-biographies, socal histories, memoirs, and so forth. I listened to recordings of Hitler’s speeches so I could get a sense of how he talked-he had a very distinctive public speaing style. I watched old newsreels, studying how Hitler walked, how he used his hands, all those little details that can help your story come alive.

3. Adolf Hitler wasn’t THAT bad in the book. Don’ get me wrong. He is a very bad person but in the book he seemed kind and quite generous to Gretchen! It was like Hiter had two sides to him. The fatherly side and the cold, hard side. Was Hitler like that in real life? Did he have a nice side to him or is there a meaning behind his kindness?

A: This is such an interesting question! Let me start off by saying that I one hundred prcent believe that hitler is evil. I worked very hard to portray him as accurately as possible-not only because he was a real person but out of respect for his millions of victims. It would have been easy to reduce him to a caricature, like a sinister figure rubbing his hand with a devilish glee.

But he wasn’t like that. he could be charming. He prided himself on his old-fashioned manners torward women. In 1931, when Priosner of Night and Fog takes place, he maintained a tight rein on his self control and wasn’t yet prone to fits of rage. At times, he did appear kindly and generous-which, in my opinion, makes him even more despicable because he was able to mask his horrible sides.

4. Gretchen (Hitler’s daughter like figure) falling in love with a Jewish Reporter, Daniel, was such an amazing idea! Where/when did this idea pop up?

A: Aww, thank you!

Daniel was inspired by several real people: the reporters at Munich Post, the real-life newspaper where Daniel works in at Prisoner of Night and Fog and my father. My dad used to be an investigate reporter. When my brother and I were kids, we loved listening to our dad’s stories about his reporter days. One account in particular has always stayed with me-my dad was assigned to cover Ku Klux Klan meeeting when he was a cub reporter in the 1970s, before I was born. He said one of the worst things he’s ever seen were the little kids at KKK gatherings. He always wondered if those kids were able to think for themselves, or if their upbringing meant they would be trapped in a circle of hate for the rest of their lives. Daniel owes a lot of his opinions to my dad.

5. Your book is a work of fiction but runs mostly on fact. Was it hard writing a story so true? If it was, how so?

A: Well, the research alone takes a long time to complete! And sometimes you can’t take the story in a direction you want to go because it would be historically inaccurate . You would have to work within the parameters of history, which can be tricky. That said, it’s a wondeful challenge, and I’m a big history dork, so I love learning about different time periods.

6. Do you like to torture your characters?

A: Ha! It can be tempting to make life easy for your charcters-but where’s the fun in reading about people who are just coating along? I’m interested in reading about charcters who work hard at life. They mak mistakes; sometimes they take terrible risks; and they don’t always behave themselves. But they don’t give up.

7. Can you tell us a little bit about the next book, Conspiracy of blood and smoke?

A: The sequel picks up a year and a half  a year later, after Gretchen and Daniel had made a new life in England. When a family tragedy forces Daniel to return to Germany, it isn’t long before Gretchen recieves word that he’s wanted for murder. Convinced that he’s innnocent and deperate to save him, she goes back to her homeland, where she and Daniel find themselves mixed up the berlin Mafia and a deadly murderous conspiracy that strecthes all the way to Reichstag itself.

Bonus Historical facts: The murder that Daniel’s framed for is based on a real unsolved homicide! And the “conspiracy’ in the title is a real-life historical conspiracy!

8. Lastly, do yo have any advice to writers/students out there?

A: Write and read as much as you can. Also, expect rejection but persevere. Published authors are the people who didn’t give up.

Thanks so much for having me!!!

So that was my interview with Anne Blankman! She also sent me some really awesome signed bookmarks so keep your eyes open for a giveaway soon! I also posted a spoiler free review for prisoner of Night and Fog so if you want to know more then you can check that out!

Thanks guys and thanks again Anne for answering my interview questions!












Prisoner of Night and Fog Book Review

prisoner of night and fog

Prisoner of Night and fog is a historical fiction novel and it takes place during the 1930’s. (Holocaust) It’s about Gretchen (Hitler’s niece figure) falling in love with a jewish reporter and finding out the secret to her father’s death.

This book was so good and it sucked me right in from the very start. We get to see the background of that time and it really cleared the image in my head. The book was beautifully written and the plot was fast paced. A german falling in love with a Jewish Reporter at that time was unthinkable and the fact that this author wrote about it was just mind blowing and amazing! I can’t believe nobody thought of this before!

The love betwen the two interests wasn’t rushed at all and was just nicely paced. The romance was a huge part of this novel but finding out secrets of gretchen’s father’s death was just as big. In the very back of the book, there arehe Author’s Notes and you can see that this book runs mostly on fact than ficion. So many things happen in this book and s\a lot of the happened in real life which was just mind blowing for me.

I highly recommend this to everyone who likes historical fiction with a touch of romance. I am also going to be doing an author interview with Anne Blankman so stay tuned for that!

That was my book review for prisoner of Night and Fog! I hope you enjoyed it!


The Jewel by Amy Ewing QMR


(Since this is a QMR, there will be no summary.)

I had quite high expectations going in to this book but it didn’t quite reach up to the point where I would love it. I thought the world was very interesting and unique and all in all I liked the beginning. I’ve never read a book like this so it was very interesting to read. One thing that I thought was very disappointing was that the characters were really dry and boring. I didn’t get a deep in depth look of the characters and that bugged me a lot throughout this book. The book wasn’t slow but it wasn’t fast either. The romance was okay but very sudden and boring. There was no chemistry between the two love interests and it wasn’t realistic at all. I did enjoy this book but I can see why it hasn’t quite reached that 4 star rating on goodreads.

I sometimes feel that I rate books to harshly. I’ve read so many great reads that my expectations are higher. I want to fix that but I can’t help it as a reader. I’m also sorry that I haven’t been posting frequently these days. My computer is broken and so I have to write on my IPad/galaxy tab pro so it’s kind of uncomfortable.

Anyways, that was my QMR for the jewel by Amy Ewing! Hope you enjoyed it!

What’s up with reading?

So this is just a post to tell you guys my reading plans! I usually don’t have a straight reading plan but as of now I do and I waned to share it with you guys! So if you follow my instagram, bookfangirl46, you would know that I am doing a Whispes of the fallen By JD Netto and Rebellion read along to et prepared for the final installment, the gathering f the shadows which is coming out later this year so I am currently reding The whispers of the fallen. Next I am probably going to be reading Rebellion.

After that I am going to be reading Breaking point by kriten Simmons. I absolutely love that book and I did a book review on it so you can check that out! This was sent to me by Tor een so thank you once again! After that I will bereading Both of me by Jonathan Friesen, We were liars by E. Lockhart and finsih he Vampre Academy series.

So that is my reading plan as of now! Tis is not official so it may change if I just don’t feel like reading the books I have mentioned.

A Series review of the Lunar Chronicles is coming up so stay tuned! I have the draft and I’m in the process of editing!



Crimson Bound by Rosamund Hodge QMR


So Cruel Beauty is a beauy and the beast retelling and I got to say that it intrigued me from the very start. The story was nicely paced. A bit slow sometimes and it bugged ma bit through the whole story but I could deal with that. I can see why it hasn’t quite hit that that 4 star rating on good reads yet, but I can feel so much potential inhis book an I feel that in CRIMSON BOUND, the next book, the characters will be more developed along with the story. The characters were really relatble to. I likd how the author didn’t sugar coat the situation that he main protagonist was put in. She had that ugly thinking side to her that every body has it was so realistic.

I am definitely looking forward to reading CRIMSON BOUND which is coming out this may!

So that was my QMR! Hope you enjoyed it!


So recently, me and a few other bookstagrammers made a book club/group called the Book Babes! We are hosting an epic giveaway on instagram and you can check out the rules on my account @bookfangirl46. You will probably have to scroll down a little bit to see the giveaway picture we made which you need to repost in order for you to win! The picture for the giveaway is: lug

There will be two winners and each winner will get over 13 prizes! They will be books, any book you want from the book depository, gift cards, signed book swag and more! It really is epic and it is now international which makes it even more epic than before!

I just wanted to let you guys know so that you can all join this awesome giveaway and get a chance to win some cool prizes. The specific rules, as I have mentioned before, will be up on my account and if you can’t find the picture there you can go to any of the other host’s pages that are listed in the picture and you will find the rules and the specific prizes you will be getting if you win!

So good luck everyody and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Compulsion by Martina Boone QMR


QMR is a thing I recently made and it stands for Quick Mini review. This is when I don’t tell you guys the summary and I just tell you my thoughts and feelings.

So with that being said, I’ll start with my fist QMR! (Please don’t copy)

I had a lot of expectations going in to this book because it was very poular and I heard great things about it. I did enjoy this book and in some ways it met my expectations but in someways it didn’t.

First of all, I did like the characters but I didn’t feel a connection to them which was kind of dissapointing. One thng that I was very disapointed about was the fact that the story didn’t have a straight plot. I didn’t really know what barrie and Eight were up to until the very end and that really bugged me as a reader.

This book holds a lot of of potential but it just wasn’t for me. I rate it a 3.5/5 stars. I will definitely be reading the next one which is coming out later this year.

I hope you enjoyed my QMR!Bye and until the next post bookaholics!