How to get ARCs

So these days a lot of people have been asking me how to get ARCs. If you didn’t know, ARCs are Advanced Reader Copies and publishers send them out to bloggers to review before its release date.

So let’s start with the obvious: NetGalley. NetGalley is a site where you can request ARCs in ebook format. if you meet the publisher’s standards, then you will get the ARC and youwill be able to keep it forever! I have never really used NetGalley but I’ve heard amazing things about that site so you should definitely go check it out!

1. BLOG! You need a blog with a BIG attention/traffic span! Publishers often ask you for your site stats and they are not going to give you ARCs if you have like 4 subscribers.

2. REQUEST! Lot of people make the mistake contacting the publishing company’s customer service etc. Even if you do contact the publicity team, it’s more likey that they will not answer due to the amount of emails they get. So, contact the Author of the book you you want to recieve., Authors do not have any review copies to give out. But, they will probably give you the email of their publicist. Contacting their publicist will get you a reply faster.

3. HANG ON TO THAT PUBLISHER! By luck you have reached a publisher. You know their direct email now. Hang on to it! When you want a review copy of one of their books then request it to them! I get a lot of ARCs that way.

4. MAKE A REVIEW POLICY! A review Policy is like an insurance to the publishers. It’s bascially a promise you make to them in return for an ARC. But remember, you have to do everything you promised or else, they will not respond to anything you say. I MEAN IT! I’ve been there and done that a few months back. Not proud of it.

5. LASTLY, don’t hang over ARCs! I know that it might feel good when you get a book early and escpecially when it’s one of your most anticipated reads but it’s really not a big deal! There just ARCS and they are just Books! Also, do not go crazy and email every publisher out there! It’s wasting your time and it won’t get ou anywhere. Trust me, I’m talking from my own experience.

I hope this answered a lot of your questions and if you still have more, feel free to ask it on my instagram: bookfangirl46

Thanks guys and I hope you enjoyed this post!



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