What’s up with reading?

I told you guys a few weeks ago that I would be telling you guy what’s on my reading calendar every now and then. I got a lot of new books so stay tuned! Also I’m going t be telling you guys some exciting news so keep your eyes open!

What am I currently reading?

I’m currently reading an ARC of An ember in the ashes by Sabaa tahir! I was so happy when I got an ARC of this because I’ve only heard great things about it! Razorbill also gave me a sword bookmark and I love it! An ember in the Ashes is a fantasy debut novel and it’s already turning in to a film!

Author Interviews! You gys can expect an author interview with Wendy Higgins, Author of the Sweet Evil series which I adore, and Sharon Camreron the author of Rook! The interviews will b up soon on this very page so stay tuned for that!

I had a trip to Barnes and Noble a few days ago and I bought We should hag out sometime by Joh Sunquist and Princess of thorns by Stacey jay! I’m super pumped up to read both of those and you can expect a review on them soon!

I hit 1k followers on IG! If you guys didn’t know, I love instagram and I had instagram for about 20 weeks! Instagram: Bookfangirl46 On sunday I hit a 1,000 followers! Thank you guys! t wouldn’thave happened if it weren’t for you!

So that was my What’s up with Reading? post! All of them are pretty random but who cares? I like to tell you guys what I’m up to! I’ll see you guys aga on my next post! Bye!




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