Prisoner of Night and Fog Book Review

prisoner of night and fog

Prisoner of Night and fog is a historical fiction novel and it takes place during the 1930’s. (Holocaust) It’s about Gretchen (Hitler’s niece figure) falling in love with a jewish reporter and finding out the secret to her father’s death.

This book was so good and it sucked me right in from the very start. We get to see the background of that time and it really cleared the image in my head. The book was beautifully written and the plot was fast paced. A german falling in love with a Jewish Reporter at that time was unthinkable and the fact that this author wrote about it was just mind blowing and amazing! I can’t believe nobody thought of this before!

The love betwen the two interests wasn’t rushed at all and was just nicely paced. The romance was a huge part of this novel but finding out secrets of gretchen’s father’s death was just as big. In the very back of the book, there arehe Author’s Notes and you can see that this book runs mostly on fact than ficion. So many things happen in this book and s\a lot of the happened in real life which was just mind blowing for me.

I highly recommend this to everyone who likes historical fiction with a touch of romance. I am also going to be doing an author interview with Anne Blankman so stay tuned for that!

That was my book review for prisoner of Night and Fog! I hope you enjoyed it!



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