The Jewel by Amy Ewing QMR


(Since this is a QMR, there will be no summary.)

I had quite high expectations going in to this book but it didn’t quite reach up to the point where I would love it. I thought the world was very interesting and unique and all in all I liked the beginning. I’ve never read a book like this so it was very interesting to read. One thing that I thought was very disappointing was that the characters were really dry and boring. I didn’t get a deep in depth look of the characters and that bugged me a lot throughout this book. The book wasn’t slow but it wasn’t fast either. The romance was okay but very sudden and boring. There was no chemistry between the two love interests and it wasn’t realistic at all. I did enjoy this book but I can see why it hasn’t quite reached that 4 star rating on goodreads.

I sometimes feel that I rate books to harshly. I’ve read so many great reads that my expectations are higher. I want to fix that but I can’t help it as a reader. I’m also sorry that I haven’t been posting frequently these days. My computer is broken and so I have to write on my IPad/galaxy tab pro so it’s kind of uncomfortable.

Anyways, that was my QMR for the jewel by Amy Ewing! Hope you enjoyed it!


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