What’s up with reading?

So this is just a post to tell you guys my reading plans! I usually don’t have a straight reading plan but as of now I do and I waned to share it with you guys! So if you follow my instagram, bookfangirl46, you would know that I am doing a Whispes of the fallen By JD Netto and Rebellion read along to et prepared for the final installment, the gathering f the shadows which is coming out later this year so I am currently reding The whispers of the fallen. Next I am probably going to be reading Rebellion.

After that I am going to be reading Breaking point by kriten Simmons. I absolutely love that book and I did a book review on it so you can check that out! This was sent to me by Tor een so thank you once again! After that I will bereading Both of me by Jonathan Friesen, We were liars by E. Lockhart and finsih he Vampre Academy series.

So that is my reading plan as of now! Tis is not official so it may change if I just don’t feel like reading the books I have mentioned.

A Series review of the Lunar Chronicles is coming up so stay tuned! I have the draft and I’m in the process of editing!




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