Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover Review


(Sorry for the bad quality!)

I am back from my vacation! I’m srry  haven’t pose anything! I wanted t and I tried but it just didn’t work. But now I’m back and I am planning on writing everyday so stay tuned for some bookish fun! Without further due, let’s get started with the review!

Maybe Someday is about Sydney who finds out her roomate is cheating on her boyfriend. She moves out and has nowhere to go until Ridge, her musical but deaf neighbor, offers her a room if she writes for his band. What started as a mutual agreement grows into somethng more even they can’t handle…

This book was a fun quick read and I really enjoyed it! I loved the charcters and I felt that Colleen did a really good job switching to different point of views.

That’s all I have to say without spoiling you. Don’t read his part if you hven’t read this book yet. Go pick it up and comeback! It’s a really great rad you won’t want to miss.

So, Ridge. I liked him, but sometimes I wanted to smack him in the face. He keeps on leading Sydney on when he has a girlfrend! You can’t expect a girl not to feel something whe a guy lays on top of you while you sing! Sure he’s deaf and he wants to feel her sing and whatever but come on! That’s intmate and he should know it.

I didn’t cry in this book. I cried in all of Colleen’s previous books but I didn’t cry a single tear. It was emotional when she used sign language to Ridge in the end.

I also didn’t really like Maggie. Yeah she’s nice but I was on Sydney’s side so yeah. When ever she came out in the book I wanted to kill her and hide her in the mountains. Jk. But you’ll get what I mean if you have read the book.

Overall I reeall enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to read more of Colleen’s writing!

Bye Bookaholics!





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