Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott book review


Fire and flood by Victoria scott is about a girl Tella, who has a ick brother and she needs to find a cure in order for him to survive. One day she recieves a message that if she competes in the brimstone bleed and wins, she will get the cure for her brother. So of course she joins. But the games are nothing like she imagined…

I really enjoyed this book! It’s a blend of the hunger games and the maze runner! I think Victoria cott did a great job telling the story when it was barel 300 pages. I flew right through this book! In is book there are thse things called pandoras and they are animals that help you survive in the games. I realy liked this whole concept. It was very unique and I never read a book like this so I didn’t get bored at all! I would have liked it more if the author described he characters a little more becau when I was reading this book, I didn’t get a clear image of who looked like who and such. But that didn’t bug me a lot.

Lets talk ahout allies. I didn’t like a lot of the allies that Tella meets at first. but as the story went on I grew to like them. Escpecially Guy Chambers! Honestly at the beginning of the book I didn’t trust him and I didn’t likehim. But I grew to love him! He doesn’t tal much and Tella sure talks a loand I think thats why they fir so perfectly.

The ronance wasn’t rushed at all and was nicely paced. I’m a big romance craver in books nd all of my favorite books tend to have romance in them. So when I started this book I was like “is there romance in this book?” And yes there was and I was so happy! So if you’re a huge romance craver like me, you don’t need to worry!

I am so pumped up to red the next book Salt and stone! I actualy already have my ow copy so al I have to do is pick it up! But I have so many books I need to read and review and I think it’ll have to wait a bit but hopefull not for long! I honestly have no idea what to read next! I guess I’ll have too with the flow!

I think I might post another tag later in the day! I’m posting a lot today because I honestly don’t know how things will turn out this week because of vacation .

So that’s my book review for Fire and flood and I hoped you enjoyed my thoughts and feeling of this book cuz’ I sure had a fun time writing it!


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