Book Recommendations

Before we start with the Book recommendations, I just want to point out that I’m not going to be mentioning Divergent, The mortal instruments, Harry Potter and such because they are VERY popular and almost everybody read them.

1. marie-lu-legend

Legend my Marie Lu is a dystopian novel about a criminal called Day and June, who works for the government. This book is action packed and has a romance you don’t want to miss. The series gets better and better as it goes. This is a trilogy.

2. uky

The Unbecoming of Mra Dyer is a YA thriller and it’s basically about this girl, Mara Dyer, who is going paranoid. It’s really about figuring out what is reality and what is no because this book is in first person and when Mara sees things, you don’t know if she’s hallucinating, or if it’s real. It is a very creepy read and it has a great romance in it. NOAH SHAW, guys. Noah shaw is freaking amazing!

3. yguyvycytc

The darkest minds is bascially about people with powers. Some kids are born with super natural powers and they are sent to a “Concentration Camp.” Ruby, who has supernatural abilities is sent to a concentration camp and she runs away. Along the way she meets allies and enemies, and she finds out that her power, is not to mend, but kill.

This book is so fantastic and I loved it! Like all the other books I’ve mentioned it has a great romance and it is so action packed!

4. jui;ui;g

Fangirl b Raibow rowell is probably the most relatable book I’ve ever read and if you’re a fangirl, you will definitely love this book! I also as the cutest romance ever!

5. thr

Hexed by Michelle krys is a fun, fast paced and action packed book with really awesome characters and writing! I loved it! It has witches and most of all, BISHOP! I cannot wait until Charmed, the second book, comes out!

6. llllll

I’m sure many of you read this because it’s ver popular, but I just couldn’t leave it out! Obsidia by jennifer L. Armntrout is what really got me in to reading! It’ssci-fi and has HOT aliens. Daemon Black guys, Daemon Black. This story is so fun and fast paced and you’ll love the characters. The romance is one of my favorites and Daemon is my ultimate book boyfriend! And even if you don’t lik sci-fi you’ll still love this book! Jennifer L. Armentrout is my ALL TIME FAVORITE author and I recommend all of her books!

7. jjjjj

The last book I will be recommending to you today is White hot kiss also by Jennifer L. Armentrout! This book is freaking amazing! It has gargoyles in it and that itself is totally cool because it’s not the typical paranormal story you would expect to find in the paranormal genre. Do’t worry guys, this book doesn’t have vampires and such. Als, don’t let the cover and the title fool you! I know it’s a cheesy ame, but the book is so good and it is definitely worth your time. It’s one of my favorites out there!

Hope you enjoyed my recommendations!



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