Bound by Duty by Stormy Smith Spoiler Free Review


Bound by Duty is about a girl Amelia who is an elder. Elders have powers and as of now, Amelia is the only female elder left and she is bound to marry a prnice whom she doesn’t even know… To live the little freedom she has left, she moves in with hr brother and goes to college/highschool like normal people. Her life was planned out… until she meets Aidan.

She can’t love a human, for she is bound to someone else. But her heart is bound to the one boy she cant have…

This book just suprised me in so many ways and I LOVED it! I really liked the chemistry between Aidan and Amelia and the story line was just so gripping and it made me want MORE!

Since I read so many boks, I get suspicious really easily and I didn’t really trust some characters such as Micah. This book had me questioning a ot of things and some things were solved, some weren’t. I hope the author clears it out in the next book.

There’s not a lotto say about this book because they’re really isn’t anything to point out. It was THAT good. I read it in one sitting!

My thanksto the author for sending me this book and an arc of the second book, Bound by Spells. I’m so excited to read that one!


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