How I found You by Gabriella Lepore book review


(I’m not going deep in to the story because I suck at summaries and I’m afraid I’ll spoil)

Before we start, I’ll tell you a fun fact! The femal cover model is actually Sasha Alsberg! A famous booktuber on youtube! Her youtube is Abookutopia so you can go check her out! She is my all time favorite Youtuber!

Okay, so back to the book. This book has witches and I was very hestinant to read this book at first because I never read a lot of witchy novels. But this book pleasantly suprised me. It introduced me to this genre so clear and vividly I enjoyed myself throught out this whole novel.

I loved how this author told the story in two point of views! I felt that both characters were strong and clear and that is what a good novel should have. Strong main characters.

I didn’t like the femal protagonist Rose at first. She was a bit annoying and self consious. But in the end, I just loved her character. Her charcter development wasn’t rushed and in the end, she was  a strong femal heroine.

The plot line is very gripping and I’m praying that this isn’t a standalone. The ending was nicely done, but I really want  to read more books with these characters!

I’m definitely going to pick up Gabriella Lepore’s other books starting with the witches of the glass castle! If by any chance Gabriella Lepore’s publisher is reading this can you email me please? I need those books!

I definitely recommend this to everybody even if you don’t like witches!

This book will suck you in and never let you out!

Also, thank you guys for 100 views!!!


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