Article 5 by Kristen Simmons Book Review


Article 5 is a dystopian novel about a girl, Ember, Who gets captured by the government due to her mothers’ rebellion. The government takes people who son’t follow order and “train” them. Kind of like Concentration camp. But Ember can’t leave her mother. She know her mother needs her. So she is set to find an escape route. But the more shocking thing is, the one who captured her and her mom, is the boy she ever loved, Chase Jennings.

So, yeah. That summary sucked but the book is way better!

I really enjoyed this book! The setting and backround of this book was bold and I could clearly picture an image in my head. The book was fast paced and action packed. I couldn’t stop!

One thing that bothered me a little bit were the characteristics of the charcters. Some minor characters’ personalities seemed on and off and I wasn’t sure who was who. It would have been nicer if this author didn’t switch around personalities, but that’s okay. It wasn’t a big part of the story and I wasn’t that bothered

I am definitely going to finish this series! Thank you Macmillan Tor Teen for sending me the ENTIRE trilogy!



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