YA Book news

I’ll be doing these posts about once  week and these posts will tell you all the exciting things that are happening in the YA book world. Let’s get started!


Have any of you read Hexed by Michelle Krys? It’s a witch novel about this girl, Indigo Blackwood who finds out she is a witch. Sooner or later she finds out that she has a book that s sacred. And everyone is hunting for it. There are numerous attacks tt approach Indigo and to stop them, she must learn to control her powers. use th. With the help of Bishop the swoon worthy boy who isn’t what he seems, she finds out that there is so much more than what she willed herself to believe…

This book is amzing guys and I know I suck at summaries but it’s awesome I can tell you that. But this post isn’t about me ranting on about how good it is! It’s about some book news that has to do with this series!

So Charmed, the second book in the series, is coming out May 26th, 2015. But before that, a novella is coming out set in the Hexed World called Blackwood! So, woo hoo!

Let’s talk Ugly Love by Collen Hoover. Ugly Love is a new adult novel that came out this yeare and ‘s about two people who learn how to love again. Thi s is a very touching novel and I changed as a person after I read this book! But guess what?

It’s turning in to a movie!

Not everything is official but NIck Bateman, was set to be played Miles Archer, the male protagonist in this book. Sadly that’s all we got about tis movie yet. But if more information comes out, you’ll be the first to know!


March is coming up and that means it’s time for Insurgent! The second book of the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth! We will be getting introduced to a fair amount of new people such as: Uriah, Tobias’s Mom, et.

I sure am ready for March 20th!

That will be all for this week of YA book news.I’ll see you guys nex week bringing in lots of more cool facts!



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