Atlantis Rising


So Atlantis Rising is basically about a girl, Alison, who has the power to control minds. So to keep this power in secret, she keeps her distance away from people. Until a boy, Ian, comes in to the classroom and talks to her. No matter how much she tres to avoid him, he keeps coming back. But why?

Soon Alison finds out that there are others like her. But among them all she is special. Unique. And that mkes her powerful… and dangerous.

Allison finds out that what she is dealing with is bigger than she could ever imagine…

This book was a short an easy read and I enjoyed myself reading this book. The book wasn’t fast paced but itwasn’t slow paced either. I personally enjoy fast paced books but it didn’t realy bother me once I got deeper in to the book.

The characters. I wasn’t very pleased with the charac ters. Escpecially Alison. I just found her annoying and confusing. It’s okay for the main character to be confused because that’s what they’re  going through but in this book the CHARACTERSTICS were jumbled up and I really didn’t like that. They have no typical personality and therefore it made it hard for me to relate to  them.

I really did like the whole concept of the book though. I thought the whole mind controlling thing was pretty cool and i thought that he author did a really good job of writing about it. I wished that the story was longer than it was because it really is hard to write a novel when there is only about 250 pages. But considering the length of the novel the author did a good job. It just seemed to me that everything was rushed.

I was happy that the ending wasn’t rushed like other parts of the story because that is what annoys me the most!

I got this book sent to me by Entangled Teen so thank you. All thoughts are mine.



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