Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red queen is about a world where the people are divided in to two groups:The reds and the Silver. The reds are the “slaves” who serve the silvers, who are people with supernatural powers which makes them god like.

The main character Mare, is a Red. When her friend, Kilorn, is conscripted to join the army and die, she tries everything she can do to stop it. Thenfor some twisted reason, she gets sent to the Palce. And there she finds out she has a power of her own.

But her blood is red.

To hide this impossibility, the king disguises her as a long lost princess and makes her marry one of his sons.  But there mare finds out a secret to shocking to reveal, yet if she oes not it would destroy her, and everything she has ever believed in…

This story is Victoria Aveyard’s debut novel. Because it is a deut novel not everything can be perfect.  I felt that the characters were dry and we didn’t  get to know much about anything. it is agood book if you don’t uestion much out of it. trhe story wasnb’t slow paced but it wasn’t fast paced either. I was really curious about how suddenly maven became part of the Red rebellion group so quickly.

The love story was okay. The characters that I did like were not the Mare, Cal or Maven. It was the Queen.

The queen is definitely an evil character but the reason i like her so much is because her personality was clear and it was REFRESHING unlike all the other characters.

I have to say that I did enjoy myself reading this book, but it was duller than expected. I ratethis book 4 stars.


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