The secret Diamnon sisters by michelle madow review


This book is about three siters, Savannah, Courtney, and peyton who finds out that their dad is a billionaire in Las Vegas. So when their mother gets sick, they decide to move up to las vegas and live with him there for a while. but Las vegas is nothing like what the girls expected. they are thrown to a whole new level. It has a mix of mean girls and pretty little liars. There is romance, and gossip. Three sisters. one billionaire father. What could go wrong?

This book took gossip girl to a whole new level and I loved it! The story was so fun and exciting and it makes you want to turn the page. This book really shows how the girls are adjusting to this new life and the character development was really well done. I think there will be more character development throughout the whole series so i’m really excited about that! When I said that this book ahad a mix of mean girls, pretty little liars and gossip irl I wasn’t saying that the storyline was the same. they are absolutely different. The sort of setting and some characters had the feel that those other movies/books had and I found that very interesting.

This book was so good and ou sould definitely read it after a bad book hangover. (Cuz we all hate that:))



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