Spoiler free review of legend By marie lu


Legend is a YA dystopian novel that has action, romance and everything you ask for in a good book. A lot of people compare it to the hunger games, Divergent, etc. but really ts book stands on its own because it has a compltely different storyline from those books.

This book is about a boy, day, who is the most wanted criminal of the whole government/town. He, has failed his trial. A trial is a test you take when you are about 10-11. It determines how smart you are and what position you will take later on in life. Day failed his trial so he now lives on the streets as a criminal and beggar.

June Iparis is the daughter of a military soldier and she is the only person who scored 1500/1500 on her trial. So, she is kept by the governemnt, for her smart brain is needed. Ony day, her brother gets killed by a criminal and people suspects the criminal is Day. Thirsty for revenge on the person who killed her brother, June decides to go find Day and kill him herself. but what she didn’t see coming was that Day was so much more than what he seems, the governments are hiding from her, and everything she believed in might not be true.

This book has an awesome twist of dystopian, romance and it’s so action packed. it is in two points of views and i thik mari Lu did a fantastic job of weaving the characters characteristics and making them relatable. The love in this novel was not rushed yet too slow. It was written in just the right pace and it was done beautifully. This is one of the best dystopian novels I’ve ever read. this a must read.


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