Ex-Factor by Elisa dane


Ex- Factor is book 1 of the Diamond girls series and it’s about a girl,Nev, who moves to a new school. There she meets the dark and moody boy, Bodie scott. While his looks are a 5/5, his attitude towards her is not even a 1. And he doesn’t seem to care. But two people with hard pasts are bound to comfort each other And as they share their disturbing past, they find a connetion towards each other that they never felt before.

This book has romance, cheerlaeading and the story is heart warming yet heart breaking as well. You can get it on Kindle, Nook, ibooks or wherever ebooks are sold.

This book really took me a short ime reading . I read it in one sitting! The characters are very realistic nd that’s what i really like about that book. I didn’t relate to the character’s past, but I felt that the characters were going through something that we will all have to go through eventually. I love the fact that it wasn’t love at first sight for these two characters but it took time for them to evolve in to a relationship and Elisa Dane nailed it.

I also love that the events that happened in this book wasn’t sugarcoated at all. Some books tend toleave the etails out of a tragic/happy event and it really bugs the reader and it bugs ME but I didn’t feel that at all!

This book is amazing and you should definitely go read it. Escpecially you cheerleader out there. This book is definitely something you can relate to.


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